3-day training: Purpose driven leadership

Create a sense of direction, alignment and commitment

CADT® and RAPP® personality profile training.

Learn how you can make an extraordinary contribution to the sustainable development of people and organizations.

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2-Day Training: effectively dealing with transgressive behavior

Learn to recognize, understand and respond effectively to transgressive behavior.

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Our team of experts with years of experience in organizational and people development help your organization and its individuals change or grow.

  • Innovative approaches to organizational challenges
  • Customized strategies for lasting improvement
  • Experience in organizational transformation
  • Measurable results with a focus on growth
  • Strategic partnership for long-term success 

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Ethics and compliance: do you have an eye for it within the organization?

We are happy to share our experiences and expertise

Are you aware of the "shadow" of the organization? Destructive behavior can negatively impact culture, inclusiveness, diversity and safety within the organization. At New Human Management, we understand these challenges and are happy to help you with professional guidance and research.
Do you want to create a healthy work environment that focuses on inclusivity, diversity and a safe culture? Are you wondering how to deal with interpersonal boundaries and inadmissible behavior? Our team is here to support your organization in the areas of inclusion, diversity, safety and sustainability.
Contact us today to learn more about destructive behavior within organizations and find out how we can help you. Together, we will work towards an inclusive, diverse, safe and sustainable organization.

Our added value?

Support and guidance that is energizing, sustainable and different!

Organizations are in constant flux, both positive and negative. Conflict, tension, absenteeism and an unpleasant work atmosphere are the main challenges. Often these problems are mishandled by focusing on procedures and rules. However, 90% of our behavior is determined by our unconscious. At New Human Management, we offer support for fundamental improvements. Discover our added value for your organization.

A unique and results-oriented holistic approach!

When a reorganization is imminent, internal changes are in the pipeline, staff recruitment is required, profitability is under pressure - whatever your challenge - New Human Management is here for you. We understand that excessive absenteeism, internal unrest, an unsafe work atmosphere, lagging results, high staff turnover, negative noises, mutual tensions and (management) teams that are not running smoothly can cause problems.

Our unique holistic approach combines business administration with depth psychology to achieve sustainable results. We are practical, pragmatic and concrete in our approach.

Research and science are our basis

We use models, concepts and instruments based on 40 years of research on people and organization by Prof. Dr. Harry A. J. Rump MEd (Deventer, 1946 - Vera, Almería Spain, 2021). He was a leading progressive Dutch depth psychologist, analytic therapist, author, consultant and lecturer. He developed the Analytic Therapy: a complete depth psychological therapy line in the tradition of Freud and Jung with some important conceptual and methodological additions. New Human Management was founded with Harry Rump in order to be accessible and applicable to a wider audience.

In addition to focusing on common business topics (such as strategy, structure, financial organization and leadership), we also pay close attention to nature, the unconscious, the undercurrent of the organization and the personal development of people. We use unique business and psychological concepts and tools with which we contribute to the integration of the nature, culture and structure of organizations and the sustainable development of people.

Our team is ready to support the organization in the areas of inclusion, diversity, safety and sustainability.