Burnout is occupational disease number one in our country. Much burnout stems from performance pressure, insecurities and social pressure. One feels pressure from society to have to performance. The feeling of always having to do everything 'right' and being constantly available and 'on'. But are these the only causes of burnout symptoms? Or are we perhaps overlooking more?

In addition to the symptoms mentioned earlier, there are other symptoms that belong in the "standard row" of burnout symptoms, consider:

  • Being treated unreasonably within the organization
  • Unrealistic and/or unmanageable workload
  • Lack of job description/content
  • Poor communication and support from management
  • Unreasonable deadlines

How do burnout symptoms affect the organization?
These negative working conditions affect not only the employee, but also the organization and the overall operation within the organization. Some of the issues the organization faces due to burnout symptoms are:

  • Quality of work deteriorates
  • Negative effect on sales
  • Higher absenteeism
  • Workers busier about finding new jobs rather than performing their current jobs
  • Remote work makes the employee more lonely and, as a result, the quality of work decreases

Burnout prevention
Search for "burnout prevention" online and you'll come up with the standard overview of what you can do as an employer. Think about open communication, reducing workload, offering courses, coaching and support, etc... These are all kinds of different solutions that are also bound to have an effect. However, the problem lies in the fact that these are short-term solutions. The weeks or even months after taking that one course, everything goes well for a while and everyone is full of positive energy again! But, after a period of time the old pattern gently closes in again and the pressure starts to increase again, communication deteriorates and balance disappears. In short: it offers no effective long-term burnout prevention.....

So what does work?
If symptoms, such as burnout, are to be addressed effectively and efficiently, it is important to go deeper than the "band-aids" mentioned above. We are talking about the iceberg that lies under the water. This can relate at the organizational and individual level.
Under water are hidden all the pieces that have been rejected and suppressed, this is also called the shadow side. This shadow side is completely normal for both organization and individual. The shadow side develops from birth of the organization or individual. The shadow side should certainly not be suppressed, but rather given the space to be heard, for in this shadow side are often hidden the most beautiful treasures. 

Make the hidden visible
So hidden in the darkness of the shadow side are beautiful treasures. By making the invisible visible, you can grow both the organization and the individual to the next level. You can not only heal the damaged parts, but also bring out the still invisible strengths to flourish. This has a positive effect on the individual and thus the organization. Thus, you not only prevent burnout complaints within the team, but you also prevent high turnover and improve the overall output of the organization.

Are you ready for true burnout prevention?
Is your organization ready for true burnout prevention? At New Human Management, we combine business administration and depth psychology. We get the best out of organizations and individuals, promote effectiveness and identify causes of burnout complaints. Wondering what this can mean for your organization? Contact us for an informal conversation.