Who was Harry Rump?

Prof. Dr. Harry A. J. Rump MEd (Deventer, 1946 - Vera, Almería Spain, 2021) was a Dutch depth psychologist, Analytical Therapist, author, consultant and teacher. Harry did 40 years of research on recurring patterns in people and organizations. He developed the Analytical Therapy: a complete depth psychological therapy line in the tradition of Freud and Jung, with some important conceptual and methodological additions.

Harry stood at the basis of New Human Management B.V. Harry is very important for the concepts and principles from which we work. He is one of our main sources of inspiration and was the brain behind the unique tools we use in our interventions for people and organizations.

Harry discovered that there are unique recurring patterns to be discovered in the way people look at the world and experience their relationship to his or her environment. Insight into these patterns makes it possible to understand much more quickly and effectively what people and organizations are up against and why disruptions occur. It also provides unique opportunities to help people and organizations in their development by becoming aware of shadow sides and contradictions, so that these can be integrated. This ensures that people are happier and more effective, work better together and are more congruent.

By gaining insight into their own shadow sides, people will project less onto others and know themselves better. As a result, they are more effective and more themselves. This helps organizations develop in a balanced, inclusive and sustainable way. Organizations can therefore be places where people feel comfortable and can develop their unique talents. Personal development and the success of the organization can then go hand in hand. All stakeholders benefit from this. Harry has made a special contribution to this process in organizations through his work, his tools and his ideas.

College at the Institute

Book launch "Spiritual Science and Analytical Therapy", Nijmegen 2018


Rump began around 1980 to develop analytical therapy and depth psychology in the Netherlands. Together with a colleague he started a therapy training program in the Netherlands. Here he worked for about twelve years. Because many teachers of this training wanted to work with behavioral interventions, Rump started the institute in Nijmegen in 1990 with Madeleine, so that precisely the analytical and the depth psychology side could be further developed. Harry became a member of the Staff & VIP Interuniversitäres Kolleg Graz / Schloss Seggau and a member of the Scientific Council "The New Mark".

Harry Rump belonged to the second generation of war victims and as such experienced all the manifestations that go with it. From that background he was interested at an early age in the functioning of the human psyche. During school vacations he worked in a psychiatric hospital. He discovered that contact had to be made instead of just administering medication. This contact later became central to his view of the therapeutic and adivie relationship.

Over a period of 40 years of research, he has developed a unique complete vision of the human being and his/her development. His depth psychological theories and tools provide insight into recurring patterns, help people develop and integrate their
shadow sides and unique talents in order to become who you really are.

With his line of therapy -the Analytical Therapy- , his depth psychological theories, his vision of organizations and their development potential and his unique tools, Harry Rump has left us all some precious gifts. New Human Management aims to translate these unique thoughts into organization in order to help them develop into sustainable, inclusive, balanced and successful organizations.

Harry, you will forever remain a huge inspiration! Thanks for everything!