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General Terms and Conditions
Payment upon receipt of invoice sent to you. Registration takes place in order of receipt of your application. By signing this form, I declare that I am familiar with the conditions regarding participation, cancellation and payment of the training.

Cancellation conditions
If cancelled up to two weeks before the start of the accreditation 50% of the tuition fee, thereafter the full amount is due. New Human Management b.v. cannot be obliged to refund all or part of any tuition already paid. Any costs of collection shall at all times be borne by the registrant.

Terms of payment
In case of late payment a reminder will follow. It will be stated that if the amount due is not paid within fourteen days, a reminder will follow in which the amount due will be increased by € 15,00 administration costs. € 15.00 for administration costs. At a second reminder, the already increased amount will again be increased by € 15.00. Payment must be made within 7 days. In the event of a third reminder, the amount already increased twice will again be increased by € 15.00. Payment must be made within 7 days. If after a third reminder no payment of the amount due has taken place, the claim will be handed over.