Also having an eye for the invisible: the clever unconscious

Our unconscious directs our behavior, thinking and feelings. Understanding what is going on "under the water" is essential. At New Human Management, we combine business administration and depth psychology. We get the best out of organizations and individuals, promote effectiveness and identify causes of absenteeism.

Authentic leadership

At New Human Management, we believe in the power of authentic leadership connected to sustainability. Our goal is to guide organizations and managers in developing leadership that stems from inner strength and is focused on sustainable development of all stakeholders. We strive for leadership that not only serves the environment, but also connects the individual to the collective and aligns inner values with external realities.

(H)recognize the organizational culture and nature

An organization is more than a written mission, vision and functions. It is an interplay of individuals, teams and interest groups with their own motivations and energy. We call this organizational nature, which influences culture and daily practices.

Nature/culture analysis is valuable for recruitment, matching, development potential and management development. It integrates nature and culture, promotes transparent development and encourages "hard" indicators such as turnover and customer satisfaction.