Education & Training

Education & Training at New Human Management

We make people and organizations aware of recurring patterns. We assist in the sustainable deployment of changes that affect the entire organization, a department, team or individual. We use a unique proven approach at the intersection of business administration and depth psychology.
We also make the unconscious (the so-called "90% of the iceberg that is under water") insightful and discussable. Pragmatic, accessible, proven, substantiated, safe and practical. We do this through interventions in the field of distinctive assessments, coaching, training, education and organizational development.

CADT® and RAPP® personality profile training.

Do you want to learn to work with unique instruments, concepts and tools that allow you to make an extraordinary contribution to the sustainable development of people and organizations.

CADT® Personality Profile Training for HR Professionals.

Are you working as an HR professional? Get the best out of people, let them grow and develop. Attracting and retaining the right people is a challenge in this market and time.