The holidays bring not only coziness, but often increased pressure at work and associated stress. Keeping a balance between work obligations and personal rest is essential to prevent the holiday month from becoming a stress month. How do you keep the right balance? We'd like to give you some tips.

Why is work-rest balance important?

A healthy work-rest balance is not only conducive to the well-being of the individual, but also has a postive effect on overall business performance. During the holidays, employees often experience an increase in stress due to the pressures of work obligations and social events. Strategically managing this balance is essential to maintaining a healthy, productive work environment. We'd like to give you some tips on how to best balance your December month and that of the organization.

Ensure clear communication

Establish transparent communication within the organization regarding expectations during the holiday season. Create an open conversation about workload and expected availability. Encourage colleagues to be as open as possible about this.

Flexible work arrangements

We all have full schedules during the month of December. Whether it's work or personal, we're generally busy! During the holiday season, be a little more flexible in work arrangements. If an employee wants to work an extra day at home in order to receive groceries or make some preparations for a dinner they are hosting, allow this. You'll take another worry away from the employee here and will see that they also just deliver the agreed-upon work.

Setting clear boundaries between work and personal life

We are aware that now there is a lot to be delivered at the end of the year, but set clear boundaries between work and private life and also give employees their private time to recharge. 

Organize a festive team activity

Organize a fun festive team activity. This way you can not only strengthen the team spirit, but also offer employees a time to relax and reward them for hard work. 

Takes into account amplified emotions

Holidays are not always a celebration for everyone. In fact, December also evokes more negative emotions in some. So it may be that an employee is just a little irritable. Treat colleagues a little more gently; it's not always a holiday season for everyone. 

With these tips, you may make the December month even more festive for everyone than they already were. We wish you all very happy holidays and a prosperous new year!