Consultants (professionals)

The professional of today faces special challenges. How can I combine meaningful work with success and do what suits me, how can I work from authenticity and still achieve good results? How can I give heart and head a place in my work? What natural talents do I have and how can I shape them optimally in my work?

Take on the challenge of combining success and meaning together?

We can help you find success through personal development. Together, we will search for your natural motives and help you or your team develop competences that suit you. We train you in working with one of our effective tools or we coach you in the development of natural leadership, commercial development or more personal effectiveness. We can help you to further develop your team of professionals or help your sales professionals to enjoy the commercial process more with results. Or perhaps it makes sense to create a tailor-made training course in which various themes concerning the development of your professionals come together.

New Human Management has developed appropriate tools and interventions here and helps you achieve your professional ambitions.

For whom is this interesting?

New Human Management offers a range of tools and solutions for various professionals such as:

  • Coaches and HR professionals
  • Career Coaches
  • Sales professionals
  • Managers and interim professionals
  • Organizational consultants
  • Recruitment and selection agencies


Questions often received

Questions we hear from professionals with some regularity are as examples:

  • How do I quickly gain insight into my own qualities, motivations and abilities of clients and employees (coaches and HR professionals)?
  • How do I quickly identify personal development themes, patterns and factors that may be impeding my contact with clients? (Coaches and HR professionals)
  • How can I increase my employees' commercial skills so that they enjoy selling our products and/or services more? (sales professionals)
  • How do I quickly gain insight into improvement and development opportunities of the organization? (organization consultants and interim professionals)
  • How can I help the organization align its culture with its nature to work toward a learning, congruent and sustainably successful organization? (managers and organizational consultants)
  • How to quickly gain insight into candidates' own qualities, motivations and potential (recruitment agencies).
  • How can I quickly gain insight into core competencies, pitfalls, development areas of my candidate in order to place him in a targeted manner? (recruitment and selection agencies)
  • What culture and organizations really suit my candidate and or client (Recruitment agencies)

New Human Management uniquely adds a new dimension to the world of professionals.