SME Business Booster

The full-service package for SMBs.

Suitable for: SMEs of 50 - 100 employees

Contents of the SME Business Booster package

  • Assessment
    Through our unique CADT® assesment we make the invisible visible. Here both employer and candidate get a comprehensive and detailed insight into motivations and characteristics of the candidate.
  • Coaching
    Coaching inawareness and personal growth,increasing self-confidence andexploring, developing and applying one's own abilities.
  • Training
    Individual, management or team training by one of our specialists to boost your organization!
  • Advice
    Need advice in organizational development? Our specialist advises what steps can be taken for 'the next step'. 


Package contents (per month)

  • 1 assessment
  • 5 coaching hours
  • 1 half-day training
  • 5 consulting hours

This package is suitable for
SMEs between 50 and 100 employees

€1,000 euros per month. excluding VAT


The MKB Business Booster is extremely suitable for your organization if you really want your employees (between 50-100) to come into their own. By making the unconscious visible and thus really supporting your employees in their work, absenteeism will be lower, turnover will decrease and unrest within the organization will be greatly reduced. The development of employees and thus the organization is stimulated by making visible where their strengths lie and how to use them for the organization. Employees feel seen and look at themselves with self-confidence, everyone in their place of satisfaction. A stable organization where job satisfaction is experienced. 

Why the SME Business Booster?

Many SMEs struggle with issues such as organizational turmoil, high sick leave, high turnover or not being able to find the right people. Assessment, training and coaching are costly and generally reserved for large organizations. The SME Business Booster of New Human Management offers SMEs high quality and professional support for growth and development at a fraction of the price. 

Content of the SME Business Booster

A drives-competency development assessment provides valuable insights that can be used to help individuals, teams and organizations achieve their goals and improve performance.

Personal development

    • A drives-competency assessment can help individuals identify their intrinsic motivations and strengths, as well as areas where they may want to grow.
    • It can offer insight into which aspects of work and life give them the most satisfaction, allowing them to better align with their goals and values.

Career Development:

    • The assessment can help identify career paths that best match a person's motivations and competencies.
    • It provides insight into what competencies can be further developed to achieve career goals and be successful in a particular position or industry.

Team development:

    • For teams, a drives competency assessment can help understand individual drives and strengths, allowing team leaders to build more effective teams.
    • It can also help teams work better together by increasing understanding of each other's motivations and communication styles.

Leadership Development:

    • For leaders, the assessment can offer insight into their own motivations and competencies, allowing them to lead more effectively and motivate others.
    • It can help leaders identify areas where they can further develop their leadership skills to better meet the needs of their team and organization.

An assessment can provide:

  • Better alignment between individual drives and organizational goals
  • Improved performance and satisfaction at work
  • More effective team collaboration and communication
  • Focused career development and growth opportunities
  • Improved leadership and management effectiveness
  • Increased employee engagement and motivation
  • Increasing self-insight and self-development of individuals


Coaching can be an effective solution to a wide range of situations and challenges and focuses on:

Personal Development:

    • Coaching can help individuals identify and pursue personal goals, develop self-awareness and improve self-confidence.
    • It can also help overcome limiting beliefs and develop more effective patterns of behavior.

Career Development:

    • Coaching can help professionals identify their career goals, explore career options and develop strategies to improve their career prospects.
    • It can also help develop leadership skills, deal with conflict in the workplace and improve communication skills.

Performance improvement:

    • Coaching can help individuals improve their performance in specific areas, such as sales, presentation skills, time management or project management.
    • It can also help identify weaknesses and develop strategies to improve them.

Stress management and well-being:

    • Coaching can help people manage stress, develop coping mechanisms and improve their overall well-being.
    • It can also help promote a healthy work-life balance and reduce burnout.

Change and transition:

    • Coaching can support people in navigating changes in their lives, such as a new job, a move, retirement or personal changes.
    • It can help deal with resistance to change, set realistic goals and develop an action plan to make the transition smoother.

Coaching can provide the following:

  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Increased self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Improved communication and interpersonal skills
  • More effective leadership and management skills
  • Better stress management and well-being
  • Greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life and work
  • Better work-life balance
  • Enhanced career prospects and growth opportunities

Individual, management or team training by one of our specialists to boost your organization! You can! The SME Business Booster offers the option of a half-day training.

Need advice in organizational development? Our specialist advises which steps can be taken for 'the next step'. For example, you can choose to use 5 consultancy hours in a month.