Internationally active organizations

Internationally active organizations tend to grow above average and are innovative, according to various studies. This is positive but also brings challenges. Working together with colleagues from different countries can be difficult and frequently leads to conflicts, mistakes, insecurity and negativity. We know of numerous exemplary examples: between teams or departments with people in different locations, a direct manager stationed in another country, drifted sales organizations abroad and so on. Internationally active organizations often have complex organizational issues.

Many times, we find, complications are devoted to cultural differences between countries. However, this is only partly the cause: the invisible unconscious of individuals, differences in organizational culture and-nature as well as the match between them-play a crucial role.


Binding, engaging and growing together internationally?

Personnel that match the organizational culture and nature, that can work in international teams, develop talents and also stay connected for the long term, require an appropriate approach.

For whom is this interesting?

For any organization (public or private) operating in multiple countries.

Questions often received

Here are some examples of questions we have received from internationally active organizations:

  • How can we build the right teams in an international context?
  • How can we guard and develop a common DNA
    appropriate to the countries in which we are located?
  • How can we collaborate internationally in the best possible way?
  • Does a specific culture of a country fit our organization?
  • How do we find an optimal relationship between centralization and decentralization?
  • How do you grow an establishment abroad responsibly?
  • How can we make the most of international cultural differences in
    leadership development?
  • How can we stay our course as we grow internationally?
  • How do I maintain my religious identity in the development of my organization?

NHM has various tools and interventions available for this purpose and thus helps to sustainably connect suitable professionals to internationally active organizations.