What types of coaching does New Human Management offer?

  • Practical but in-depth coaching with various specialisations
  • Executive coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Burnout recovery guidance
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Leadership development
  • Outplacement

Our vision on coaching

Coaching is a structured and goal-oriented process in which the coach interactively encourages the coachee to engage in effective behavior by:

  • Awareness and personal growth
  • Increasing self-confidence and
  • Exploring, developing and applying one's own capabilities


Our coaching approach

In our coaching, we put people and organizations in touch with what really drives them and help them become aware of patterns. This increases self-knowledge, natural leadership and self-confidence to make sustainable choices. In this way we help align results and meaning.
Our coaching focuses partly on exploring and utilizing unconscious possibilities in order to be successful from a relaxed position. Much of our behavior is driven by our unconscious. Knowledge and exploration of the unconscious makes it possible to develop effective behavior that matches who we really are. The search for who we really are provides creativity and allows us to develop congruent behaviors. This energizes and makes us authentic. This enables us to be sustainably successful and to use our talents to their full potential. This allows us to better connect with our environment and develop relationships in which more connection and communication is possible. This makes working together more fun and effective.
In our coaching programs, we use effective instruments that provide a picture of our clients' natural preferences and development potential in a short period of time. It also reveals which competencies and behaviors fit the personality and which competencies cause energy loss. It quickly provides insight into unconscious patterns, talents, pitfalls, development opportunities and core competencies.



We work on awareness, connecting with yourself in relation to your environment and concrete tools and techniques for making new choices and practicing them in practice. Often this process goes through the following phases:

  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Transformation
  • Integration

In connection with this, we also consider the personal development themes, patterns and factors that may hinder further development. The conversations are also aimed at deepening the understanding and awareness of these obstacles and, where possible, removing them.