High-growth organisations

Fast growing organizations are constantly looking for opportunities to learn, improve, adapt and grow. Leveraging talent, optimizing business processes and leadership are aspects that, according to Grant Thornton experts, are among the main core challenges these type of organizations face on their growth path.

Coping with growth in a sustainable and controlled way together?

New Human Management helps explore, develop and deploy talent, optimize business processes and develop healthy leadership. We help grow in a way that does justice to what is already there. We help balance your organization's strategy, culture, nature and structure. We are specialists in organizational development and change management. You can count on our years of experience and our effective tools and interventions to help you grow in a responsible and sustainable way.

For whom is this interesting?

We offer various tools for high-growth companies and its stakeholders, such as:

  • Shareholder(s)
  • Directors
  • Management teams
  • Teams
  • Professionals
  • Supervisory Board (SB).
  • Supervisory Board (BoS).
  • Advisory Board (BoA).

Questions often received

These are very diverse. A few examples:

  • How do I quickly gain insight into my clients' qualities, motivations and capabilities so that we can determine what actions are needed to achieve a sustainable scale-up?
  • How can I help the organization align its culture with nature to work toward a learning, congruent and sustainably successful organization?
  • How do I quickly gain insight into qualities, drivers, pitfalls and opportunities of my organization so that we can effectively determine what actions are needed to realize them?
  • How can I make our growth happen responsibly?

In this unique way, NHM adds a new dimension to the world of high-growth organizations and their stakeholders.