Knowledge-intensive organizations (KIO).

A knowledge-intensive organization (KIO) is an organization in which predominantly highly qualified knowledge workers are active in the primary process. A KIO has a typical corporate culture and nature and also requires appropriate leadership. The knowledge worker (professional) is usually internally driven, identifies primarily with fellow professionals and with some frequency less with the organization for which he or she works. Retaining talent and professionals with expertise is very challenging, especially in this tight labor market

Connecting fitting professionals in a sustainable way?

It is crucial that the professional possesses a number of qualities that match the culture and nature of an organization. New Human Management maps out the talents of an individual and tests whether they match the organization. This ensures the sustainable attraction of the right people and their connection to the organization.

For whom is this interesting?

We offer various tools for various types of KIO and professionals, as an example:

  • Consultancy offices
  • Law Offices
  • Notary Offices
  • Consulting firms
  • Educational institutions
  • Engineering offices
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Medical partnerships
  • Laboratories

Questions often received

Some examples of KIO questions we have received:

  • How can talents (and thus knowledge and capacity) be retained?
  • What characteristics (soft skills) are relevant in a recruitment process?
  • How do we create more fun at work, team dynamics and collaboration?
  • How can we create an optimal climate in which learning ability, willingness to learn and learning conditions are optimally aligned with knowledge workers' job responsibilities, work motivation and autonomy?
  • How can we help our knowledge workers have more fun and success in the commercial process?

NHM has various tools and interventions (e.g. training and or coaching) available for this and thus helps to sustainably connect suitable professionals to the knowledge-intensive organization.

'New Human Management helps appropriate professionals and talents connect sustainably'