Organization Development

Our vision and distinctive integrated approach

Organizational development almost always requires behavioral change in our experience. We develop organizations by connecting and integrating content and meaning with thinking and feeling. We believe this challenge is one of the most important change themes for organizations today. Our interventions focus on the role of emotions and the undercurrent in organizational change. We ensure a sustainable change that is widely supported by making what normally happens under the surface discussable.

Attention to the organizational nature

In addition to focusing on common business topics such as strategy, structure, financial organization and leadership, we at New Human Management also pay close attention to the nature of the organization. The nature of the organization is about the unconscious, motivation, drives, inspiration and the undercurrent. In other words, everything that is palpably present but cannot be directly controlled, directed and cognitively grasped. It is this nature that plays a decisive role in the success and development of the organization.

Depth psychology has been researching the unconscious for 140 years. We use knowledge, experiences and concepts from this field to complement existing business interventions. This forms a unique approach. It is nature that has priority in the development of people and organisations. Insight into this nature provides an insight into shadow parts, unconscious talents, allergies and projections, customer relations, commercial skills and many other organisational themes. It also provides insight into what can go wrong in these areas and what can be done about it. New Human Management works with unique tools and interventions which make it possible for an organisation to develop in a natural, sustainable, effective and balanced way.

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