Pleasure. We are New Human Management

Unrest in the organization or market?

Reorganization or internal changes in the pipeline?

Difficult collaboration in teams or between countries?

Unpleasant work atmosphere or unrest?

Looking for future-proof leadership or a suitable manager?

Adverse results?

High absenteeism?


What we do

We assist in the sustainable deployment of changes or developments that affect the entire organization, a department, team or individual. To do so, we use a unique proven approach at the intersection of business administration and depth psychology. In addition to focusing on common business topics (such as strategy, structure, financial organization and leadership), we also pay close attention to organizational nature and the personal development of people and teams. We help implement developments and improvements with sustainable results.

(H)recognize the organizational culture and nature

An organization is more than a written mission and vision, a strategy, a sum of competencies and functions (the organizational culture). Every stakeholder, team and interest group has its own drives, enthusiasm, energy and complexes. We call this not immediately visible aspect the organizational nature of an organization.

Authentic leadership

More than ever, it is important to look for the type of leadership that fits this time and the future. We also call this authentic leadership: leadership from our inner strength aimed at the sustainable development of all stakeholders. Not at the expense of our environment, but in service of our environment and all stakeholders. New Human Management guides organizations and managers in developing authentic leadership.