CADT®Personality Profile Training for HR Professionals.

For whom?

You are working as an HR professional and would like to work with CADT® (Competence Analysis & Development Tool). As an HR professional you face the challenge of getting the best out of people, letting them grow and develop. Attracting and retaining the right people is a challenge in this market and time. It is more important than ever to quickly gain insight into the talents, qualities, drivers and possibilities of employees. 

What makes CADT® so unique and interesting?

CADT® (Competence Analysis & Development Tool) is a revolutionary psychometric measuring instrument that easily identifies unconscious patterns, talents, pitfalls, development opportunities and core competencies. With this unique tool, you can make a special contribution to the sustainable development of people in your organization. Where other tests measure conscious patterns, CADT® is done from another, uncontrollable/manipulative, part of the brain. This gives an amazing and surprising result. 

What will you do during the course?

You will learn to work with the CADT® instrument. You will also be trained in stimulating personal development from depth psychology.
The training consists of 3 modules of 2 days; a total of 6 days from 10 - 17 hours in Apeldoorn.

Module 1 - Introduction to depth psychology.

In Module 1, you will learn the basics of important concepts and mechanisms in depth psychology. You will become familiar with the human view associated with this discipline and learn to apply it in conversations with employees and help them with their personal development.

Module 2 - Working with CADT®

During the second module, you will learn the basics of CADT® and learn to apply it in discovery and enlightenment conversations.

Module 3 - Deepening your knowledge of working with CADT®.

In the final module, you will become the CADT® specialist. You can apply CADT® in conversations that are discovering, enlightening and transformative. After completing this module you will also be able to integrate CADT® into a professional development process aimed at awareness and transformation. Upon successful completion of the third module, you will be listed as a CADT® HR Specialist in the New Human Management HR Specialists CADT® registry.

After training

After training and registry entry, you are officially accredited to work with CADT®. You will have access to the online environment that allows you to take the CADT® measurement of employees online. You will also be included in the New Human Management HR specialists CADT® register, which ensures quality through continuing education, peer review and supervision.

Taking reports

Via the online environment you can take the CADT® measurement. The cost per report is €100.00.


To apply CADT® in organizations, both the participant and the organization must be licensed by New Human Management.
The participant attends the training and upon completion is accredited. Subsequently, both the CADT® trained and the organization are registered in the New Human Management registry.

Note: If the organization has not taken out a license, the trained participant may not take CADT® within the organization.

Continuing education

To maintain your license as a participant, you are required to engage in continuing education and training. Each year you must obtain 8 points. This means 8 hours of continuing education. Per hour you pay 100 euros in costs. The continuing education consists of training and supervision in working with CADT®.



The cost per module is 2000 euros. The cost of continuing education is 800 euros per year. Per purchase of a report, you pay a purchase price of 100 euros per report. So the investment costs are as follows:

Module 1 - Introduction to depth psychology.

€ 2,000.00 one-time

Module 2 - Working with CADT®

Inclusion as an aspiring CADT® HR specialist in register
€ 2,000.00 one-time fee

Module 3 - Deepening your knowledge of working with CADT® Inclusion as a CADT® HR specialist in the register.

€ 2,000.00 one-time

Continuing education costs

€ 800.00 per year